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Field Experiences for Counselor Education

Field experiences are a part of all majors in the Counselor Education Program, including Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and Rehabilitation Counseling. Field Experiences are designed to provide students with the opportunity to apply and practice the competencies acquired throughout their training program. The field experience courses are judged by the faculty to be the most important preparatory experiences in which students will engage. It is an opportunity to synthesize and apply theoretical knowledge and to enhance and refine students' counseling and guidance skills. In many instances the field experiences serve as a stepping-stone for future student employment. The field experiences also provide a link between the schools, community, the University, and the department counseling unit.

All students must complete a practicum and a subsequent internship after they have completed all program coursework.

  • Clinical Mental Health students must complete 400 hours of practicum
  • School Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling students must complete 105 hours of practicum.
  • All students must complete 600 hours of internship. Since the internships for all programs are full time, they are incompatible with full time employment. Students should plan for that semester accordingly. 

School Counseling

Application Deadlines for School Counseling

There is no summer placement for School Counselors.


  • FALL SEMESTER: Jan. 15th through Feb. 1st
  • SPRING SEMESTER: May 15th through June 1st

Submit Paperwork

  • FALL SEMESTER: Feb. 15th through March 1st
  • SPRING SEMESTER: June 15th through July 1st

Submit Practicum/Internship Application

  • FALL SEMESTER: March 15th
  • SPRING SEMESTER: October 15th

Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling

Important Dates


  • June 15th: Fall semester placement
  • October 1st: Spring semester placement
  • March 1st: Summer semester placement

Deadline for Paperwork Submission

  • Fall Semester: Feb. 15th through March 1st
  • Spring Semester: June 15th through July 1st

All Students

Students applying for School Counseling field experiences must visit the Office of Field Experiences (ZEB 130) to begin steps necessary for completion prior to turning in the application. Once requirements are completed, School Counseling students should submit signed applications to the Clinical Coordinator of Field Experiences (ZEB 238 B) by the deadlines listed above.